Dara O Briain: <br _>School Of Hard Sums

In this hit popular science show, comedian and presenter Dara O Briain, attempts to use high-level mathematical theories to solve ‘everyday problems’. Brainbox Dara studied maths and theoretical physics at University College, Dublin and now he’s on a mission to use that knowledge.

In each episode Dara teams up with Oxford University maths professor Marcus du Sautoy and a variety of comedy guests including; Alex Horne, David O’Doherty and Jason Byrne, to dissect each problem and find ways to solve them.

Want to know how best to save a drowning man? Dara works out the optimum angle to jump into the river and pull them to safety.

Want to know where to position yourself on a dance-floor to potentially get the highest number of kisses? Dara finds a way.

Want to find out the most slices you can get out of a pizza if you’re only allowed to cut it three times? Dara to the rescue!

Based on the Emmy Award nominated Japanese format ‘Comaneci University Mathematics’, the series is a Wild Rover/FCI co-production for Dave.

Who knew mathematics could be this much fun! Season Two coming in 2013.

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